Read Aloud Festival 2020 Round-Up: Reading, Playing, and Making Kolams

In partnership with Hasirudala and Buguri Community Libraries, Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz is observing Read Aloud Festival 2020 all through the month of February. The activities under the fest will include school-based read aloud sessions, social media campaigns, and an all-day get-together featuring read alouds and other group activities. Here, we round up the school sessions that were conducted in the first week of the month. Close to 25 children attended each of these sessions.

In Mysore, facilitator Chitra visited three schools. The focus of the discussions was a book that talks about making adjustments and how we choose to make them. The children were made to start an activity while standing in a circle and the circle had to become progressively smaller and smaller. As the circle became smaller, the children started to move out. After the story was read out, they ran the activity again and this time, the children made an effort to accommodate each other in the circle as it became smaller and smaller.

A Read Aloud session was held at a Govt. boys’ school in Ramasamudra. They started with a drawing activity in which the children created one big drawing by adding smaller individual bits one by one on the board. The group discussed how they play and after reading a book, came together in pairs as the elephant and rabbit illustrated in the story.

Children jump over each other as they depict the story of the elephant and the rabbit as mentioned in the book they just read.

At Govt. PWD School, a group of children read aloud ‘Rani’s First Day of School’ (Written by Cheryl Rao; Illustrated by Mayur Mistry). The book tracks Rani’s first day through her initial excitement to her nervousness at coming across many new faces and then to fear which leads her to run back to her mother. Rani starts walking back towards her school when assured with the promise that her mother will be waiting for her once she is done. This Read Aloud was followed by a discussion on what the children’s first days were like.

Sangeetha from Buguri Community Library led a Read Aloud session at Agrahara Govt. school in J P Nagar for 25 students studying in standard V. She read aloud ‘Susheela’s Kolams’ (Written by Sridala Swami; Illustrated by Priya Kuriyan). The book looks at the life of a little girl and her love for the art form of Kolam-making. The activity that followed the reading aloud was, of course, a Kolam-making session. Before the session had begun, a few questions were asked – What is a Kolam? Where does this art form come from? Sangeetha also taught the children a few new songs.

Text compiled by: Noor Sengupta

Edited by: Shruti Sharada

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