The Motorcycle Diaries: Finding the ‘Bikerni Within’, No Bias Allowed!

In this episode of #TheMotorcycleDiaries, Minakshi Priyadarshini Mohanty Sameera Dahiya, Arpitha Rai, Rashmi Yadav from Bikerni Bengaluru chat up with Rohini Venkatesh Malur, Rōhan Sushā Mathews & Pinky Chandran on #UngenderingRiding, the The Bikerni, Within 2020 and the preparations in the lead up to it.  

The Bikerni club started in Pune in 2011 and later inspired a chapter in Bangalore. The aim was to bring in like-minded women under one umbrella and do the best they could when it came to Biking. The name was a teaser, an adoption of the term everyone used to call women bikers. “We took on the name and it’s a brand today,” says Minakshi. The club has 17 chapters all over India today, with a membership of 1,700 – Bangalore has the highest number of members, with 250 registered riders in the fold.

Instead of conducting a ride, the Bikerni team decided to lead an event three years ago. This event came to be called ‘Bikerni Within’, which calls out to the bikerni inside you! The first year of the event had 300+ riders while the second year featured more than 700. “And this year, we already have over 500 registrations!” says Arpita.

‘Bikerni Within’ 2020 is happening on 23rd February at Bigrock Dirtpark, #Kolar. The theme focuses on #NoBias – of #Gender, of Age, of Species!

Missed the broadcast? Click and catch up!

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