Ganatheya Dudimegagi: Swathi Manae Board Member Kavitha on Running a Household When Your Partner Shirks All Responsibility

In this episode of Ganatheya Dudimegagi, Kavitha is in conversations with RJ Radha.

Originally from Tamil Nadu, Kavitha stays with her husband and their three children in Bengaluru. When her husband showed little sense of responsibility towards looking after the family, Kavitha had to make the decision to work in the garments sector. Unfortunately for her, her husband suffered a paralytic stroke soon after and she had to borrow one lakh rupees to pay for the medical bills. Post-recovery, the couple had to make some tough choices so as to be able to pay back the amount.

This is the period during which Kavitha was introduced to the NGO, Swathi Manae; she soon joined the organisation. Meanwhile, she also made a transition into sex work as the lack of support from her alcoholic husband made supporting the home increasingly tougher. Once while at work, she was attacked by a gang of rowdies, who took away all her money and her mobile phone. “I feel that no one comes into this field out of interest; only situations push them into this space. I have three children and I need to pay the house rent. I don’t have any other way to consider. My husband is an arrogant man who never respects anyone.”

Along with sex work, Kavitha continues the work of raising awareness at Swathi Manae about condoms, safe sex, and HIV testing for women; she also helps coordinate their health and awareness camps. She has been able to keep saving money and has taken loans to resolve urgent issues in her life. She is also a board member at Swathi Manae.

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