Read Aloud Festival 2020 Roundup: Storytellers Gather to Read Aloud to Children

In partnership with Hasirudala and Buguri Community Libraries, Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz is observing Read Aloud Festival 2020 all through the month of February. The activities under the fest will include school-based read aloud sessions, social media campaigns, and an all-day get-together featuring read alouds and other group activities.

On 23rd February 2020, the Read Aloud Festival hosted its main event at the Jain University campus on Palace road. Designed to encourage the joy of reading aloud among children, the event brought together young readers from multiple age-groups and engaged them in sessions where stories were read aloud and interactive games were played. A total of 165 children participated in the event and each group had one facilitator, a volunteer, and a support person leading the way.

Storyteller Sangeeta Goel was at hand to read aloud the story titled ‘Where Do My Thoughts Go?’ (written by Sherein Bansal; illustrated by Priyanka Kumar) to a group of 35 children. Pallavi Chander, also a storyteller, read aloud ‘The Rabbit Listened’ (written by Cori Doerrfeld) to a separate group of 34 children. Facilitator Annapoorna Ramanath read out the story named ‘Satya Hooke’ (written by Yamini Vijayan; illustrated by Vishnu M Nair) in Kannada. Sindhu read aloud the Kannada version of the story, ‘Where Do My Thoughts Go?’.

Ramya Srinidhi read out the story ‘Bheema, the Sleepyhead’ in Kannada (original story by Kiran Kasturia; illustrated by Shweta Mohapatra). Achuta Nadapana read out the story, ‘Lara the Yellow Ladybird’ (written by Nadene Kriel, Catherine Holtzhausen, and Martha Evans; illustrated by Catherine Holtzhausen) in English. Nagarathna K read aloud the story, ‘The Red Umbrella’/’Kempu Chathri’ (written by Nandini Nayar; illustrated by Soumya Menon).

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