International Women’s Day 2020 Special: Sunitha’s Social Service is Inspired by a Need to Give Back

In this special episode dedicated to International Women’s Day 2020, we honour the story of Sunitha.

Sunitha has faced many issues in her personal life. Hers was a love marriage but after just a few years, she tried to burn herself, pushed to the brink by the anger and frustration she was feeling towards her husband. She was rescued just about in time and was provided with medical help. After recovering, she shifted to Bangalore with her child, leaving behind her husband.

Her child lived with Cerebral Palsy. She had a tough time navigating the needs of her child and relied on help from various hospitals and ashrams to get by. After she lost her child, she decided to dedicate her life to the service of others.

Today, Sunitha helps identify, guide, and support people who are living on the streets, as well as children, women, and senior citizens in need. She makes sure that the persons she helps get necessary life items. She also works with many social organisations as a volunteer.

“Society has given us so much, so we need to give back as well.”

Listen in for more!

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