Active Bengaluru with Prathima M of IJM: Bonded Labour Remains a Reality in Karnataka

In this episode of Active Bengaluru, Prathima M, Associate Director of International Justice Mission speaks with RJ Vijaya on the existence of bonded labour.

IJM is an NGO that works in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka on the issue of Bonded Labour. IJM has been working in Karnataka for the last 15 years. Bonded Labour is a system of labour under which a person forfeits their rights and freedoms because of a debt or other obligations.

Prathima has been involved in the rescue of thousands of bonded labourers in the state in collaboration with the Government. In this interview, she explains the nuances of bonded labour and its current manifestation, what constitutes bonded labour, some of the industries where bonded labour remains prevalent, how rescues happen, the hardships bonded labourers go through, the laws against bonded labour in India, and how the general public can help in this issue.

Listen in for more!

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