Active Bengaluru with Suma, Prajwal and Deepika: Project Defy’s ‘Nooks’ are Fostering Curiosity and Independent Thinking

In this episode of Active Bengaluru, Suma, Prajwal, and Deepika are in conversation with RJ Megha Sharma Bhagat from Project Defy.

In this interaction, Deepika, Suma, and Prajwal talk about their enrollment in Nooks. “At Nooks, we have friends from all ages and everyone learns from each other,” Deepika says.

Nooks centres its focus on children and women. Deepika confirms that in the Kaggalipura community, the young women have experienced a change in their self-confidence. “They share and talk about many things, which is changing their lives. For example, they have become aware to a stage where they are saying no to child marriage, are convincing parents that it’s OK if they come home late from work in the evening, and are thinking that it’s OK to study whatever you wish to study.”

Missed the broadcast? Click and catch up!

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