Chigurida Badaku with RJ Radha: Sudha Recalls the Blood Transfusion that Shattered Her Life

In this episode of Chigurida Badaku, Sudha, a mother of two, shares the story of her life with RJ Radha.

Sudha’s young daughter used to be ill often. “We would get her medicines and send her back to school every time she got better.” Once, she had contracted chickenpox and was admitted to the hospital, where the doctors suggested that the whole family get a full health check-up done. “That is when we came to know that my daughter and I were HIV-positive and that my husband and my son were HIV-negative,” Sudha recalls.
The reason for Sudha and her daughter’s positive status could be traced back to her pregnancy, during which she was severely anaemic. The blood that was used for transfusion in the village hospital had belonged to an HIV-positive person. Tragically for the family, their daughter couldn’t survive a heart attack that came soon after the diagnosis. Sudha was shattered. “The pain was unbearable. I stopped taking my medication. It took me a long time to be okay again.”

Sudha’s husband proved to be an unsupportive partner. He showed no interest in taking her to the ART centre for her medicines, refusing even to put down his signature as an authority who could take the tablets on her behalf. “He says to me, I will support you financially, but don’t ask me to go to any hospital. That work is yours.”

Sudha’s son, however, supports her well and asks her to take care of her health and not worry about anything else.

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