The Preeti Bhuyan Talk Show: Doctors Speak on All You Need to Know About Corona Virus

In this episode of The Preeti Bhuyan Talk Show, Dr. Keshav, Dr. Sunil Kumar Hebbi, Dr. Ashu Shah, Dr. Priya Jain, Dr. Jayashree Pathak, Kanika Chopra, and Jagadish D talk about the rapidly-spreading Corona Virus infections and COVID-19.

Here are a few symptoms to be kept in mind:

  • Dry Cough
  • Body Pain
  • High Fever
  • Breathing Problems
  • Fatigue

If you experience weakness, cold and cough, and your body is producing phlegm through the coughing, then there is nothing to worry about. This would be a normal infection.

It is important to not panic; first look out for all the right symptoms and then seek help.

Prevention Measures:

  • Maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Wash Hands Regularly
  • While Coughing, don’t cover with your palm, instead cough into your elbow, or into a tissue paper
  • Use Triple-Layered Masks
  • Avoid Going Out if you are working from home
  • Eat Good, Homemade Food
  • Maintain Scrupulous Hygiene around you

Most importantly, don’t trust fake messages. Isolate yourself if you have travelled in from other countries and, of course, avoid being in crowded spaces.

Listen in for more!

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