Radio Active COVID -19 Special With Usha From Sangama -ART Access Gets Tough For Sexual Minorities

In this episode of Chigurida Badaku, Usha, an Outreach Worker from Sangama and a member of Bangalore HIV Forum, talks about the struggles of sexual minority communities and PLHIV who are unable to go to ART centers, as a result of the lockdown in India.

“These persons do not have adequate strength in their bodies and the required immunity power to fight a disease. They are down both mentally and physically. So, I request our Government to allow Sexual Minorities and PLHIV to travel to their respective ART centers to get their much-needed medicines. They can show the proof of their ART booklets while going to these centers. I personally request KSAPS and NACO to send a letter to the Government, only then will all these things be possible. We work with the help of daily wages, so being at home means little to no nutritious food. Nutritious packs of food can be provided from ART centers themselves.”

Listen in…

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