RA COVID – 19 Special Series With Salma And Siddiq Door To Door Waste Collection Challenges

In this COVID-19 Special Series episode, RJ Salma and RJ Siddique speak of waste management during the lockdown.

Salma and Siddique are currently taking care of a DWCC located in ward number 160, RR Nagar. They stay in Bapuji Nagar and have been facing a lot of trouble while travelling to RR Nagar. “We are forced to face the police and a few of the workers we know have even got beaten up.”

They used to get food for the workers from the Government-run Indira Canteens but now, even these eateries are closed. “We are not able to get tea, coffee or food for the workers. So with lack of transport facilities, workers are not turning up to work. Residents around have also been warning us to not come collect waste in the present scenario.”

Initially, the DWCC employed 15 workers but now they have only one active worker left. “They are facing ration problems, financial issues. The waste is collected and is segregated but we are not able to sell it.”

The NGO Hasirudala has provided them with gloves and masks for safety at work.

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