Radio Active COVID -19 Special Dr.N Krishnamurthy From KSFC – Changes in PDS

In this COVID19 Special Series episode, Dr. N Krishnamurthy from the Karnataka State Food Commission talks about changes made to the Public Distribution System (PDS) to adapt to the lockdown.

Due to the spread of COVID19 cases and the required social distancing and isolation, the department has changed the ration made available per unit (per home). These changes will remain effective for three months since the announcement, and depending on the developing situation.

All over Karnataka, ration shops will be open from 7 am to noon, and between 3 pm and 8 pm. A three-meter distance should be maintained while giving or collecting the ration, and while standing in the queue.

Persons will have to provide the OTP sent to their mobile phones while collecting the ration. People can also purchase ration from any ration shop across the state; they needn’t worry about travelling to their native place for it.

In case of any complaints, people can call 1067.

Listen in…

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