Radio Active COVID-19 Special: If You are Pregnant, Travelling is Strictly Not Advised

In this COVID19 Special Series episode, Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist, Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar talks about how safe is it to travel while being pregnant during the current pandemic.

“Pregnant persons often ask me if they can travel, if it is safe. COVID-19 has built up so much fear that they worry that they won’t be able to go to their mother’s house for delivery and recovery. That anxiety makes them think of many alternate ways of getting to where they want to be. As a doctor, my advice always is that it’s best that you not travel, it doesn’t depend how you travel. As a human being, you may carry the virus from one place to another and also, the person accompanying you also carries the chances of spreading it. In the incubation period, a person may harbour the virus without showing any symptoms, so no one can say right away whether a person is infected or not. The other reason to avoid travelling to smaller areas from the city during a pregnancy is the possibility of good medical facilities not being available during this emergency period. The number of beds and ventilators, and doctors’ availability all may be low – due to the corona virus pandemic, many clinics have closed and ICU facilities are cramped. Your regular doctor also needs to be updated about your health developments. Keeping all these possible complications in mind, it is the best thing to stay where you are.”

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