In it Together: Radio Active Special Series on #COVID19

An Economic Times report, stated that there was a 15-20% increase in voice calls through mobile phones, in the first few days of the lockdown. And I have experienced the increase in calls from friends and acquaintances, checking on family, general catch up and work. The last conversation with a fellow community media practitioner really got me thinking about community media, alternative media outlets, citizen journalism and community reporting. He mentioned, that he was following the FB posts, but wanted to know more of how Radio Active is working and what is making it work during the lockdown? A colleague of mine, Ramya put together a collage of all the people that have stepped in and are volunteering with production in all possible ways. There are many photos still missing in the collage, and we will put out a second one.

When did we start COVID Special Programming?

We began the awareness series on 13th March 2020. From then on there have been wide range of programs across – Awareness about #COVID19, official updates from different government departments, health- with special focus on mental health, dealing alcohol withdrawal, spotlight on the various different initiatives by individuals and NGOs, appeals on understanding facts and importance of fighting misinformation, community testimonies- street vendors, construction workers, sanitary workers, waste pickers & other informal recyclers, people with disabilities, people with HIV, sexual minorities, auto and cab drivers, women and transgenders in sex work, garment workers, tailors, people in the beauty industry, north east community, tribal communities, domestic workers, issues of livelihood, urban homeless, and other informal workers; issues related to street animals, waste management, environment, domestic violence, child abuse, access to health care, reproductive products and services, fitness and stress management, to name a few.

We also just launched a brand new show for children ;The Buguri Podcast’. The Buguri Podcast is a special show for children with stories, activities, songs and important child friendly information on Covid 19. This multilingual, inclusive show is a part of Hasiru Dala’s Buguri Children’s Program.

So who are telling the stories? How is this happening? 

This is happening because the community reporters/ producers/volunteers are on the frontlines, acting as responders in bringing out information. It is a mix of problem focused reporting and solutions showing possibilities. The everyday reporting is allowing communities to shine a light on their neighbourhoods and issues. Radio Active is made up of many different layers, people and networks – each one different, yet connected, fsilently supported by Jain University.

The shows are about stories that people need, stories of change, stories of representation, stories of inequality & indifference, stories of hope, stories of survival, stories that are underreported, stories to build solidarity, stories that counter misinformation, stories of reason, stories of lived experiences, stories of reflection, stories of civic communication, stories that show interconnectedness, stories of colour, stories of imagination, stories of information, stories of language, , stories of active witnessing, stories from different lenses, stories where people are creating their own media landscape- imagined, viewed and experienced…

Listen to the voices on 90.4 MHz

FB: Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz | Twitter: @radioactive90_4

Insta: radio_active_90.4mhz | Sound Cloud | Linkedin: Radio Active 90.4MHz 

Download the Radio Active 90.4 app from Google Playstore for Android phones

Pinky Chandran, is the co-founder of Radio Active 90.4 MHz

Poster Design : Ramya Gowda

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