#COVID19 & #WorldEarthDay: Revisting the idea of protecting WasteWorkers

This #WorldEarthDay Hasirudala & Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz revisits the ideas of protecting #wasteworkers during the current pandemic.

Segregation of waste at source is a responsible action to better waste management. Use the 2Bin1Bag.in method of waste management. As far as possible compost your wet waste, rinse out all your dry waste, and dispose sanitary waste , used PPE – tiisues, gloves and masks in a newspaper bag marked with an X

Proper segregation is as important as ever in the times of #COVID19 and it can literally save lives. Our responsibilities to earth include our responsibilities to the people who collect and manage our waste.

Pinky Chandran Nalini Shekar Rohini Venkatesh Malur
Design by Simi Ganeriwalla Kim Designz
Special thanks to Karthik Natarajan and Lakshmi Karunakaran, for their inputs

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