Radio Active COVID-19 Special Series with CFAR: PLHIV Struggling to Access ART Medication and Food

In this RA COVID-19 Special Series episode, Sreedevi and Hegde from CFAR talk about the problems being faced by PLHIV during the lockdown and the Government schemes that have been put in place to resolve them.

Sreedevi says, “There is no bus facility now because of which we are not able to go and get ART medication. We need to consume nutritious food, which also has become an issue now. Many people have called me asking for help regarding ART.” One woman had medication for just nine days left with her, so Radha and Sreedevi contacted an #autorickshaw driver who is also a PLHIV to take her to the ART Centre.

Hegde talks about the need for nutritional support for PLHIV. “So far, ration support has been provided for 120 families. The focus of a Task Force of IAS officers has been divided into two groups – Nutrition and Health – and health workers will make sure that everyone, including the persons who have not revealed their status, get ART medication.”

Missed the broadcast? Click and catch up!

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