Radio Active COVID-19 Special Series with Dr. Divya Nallur: Managing Depression During the Lockdown

In this COVID-19 Special Series episode, Dr. Divya Nallur speaks about managing depression during the lockdown.

“Because of the lockdown, most people are following social and physical distancing, are mostly in their homes, and are missing the joys of going out to meet friends, of shopping, and of other social activities. In such circumstances, chances of developing or the worsening of depression are high. People with no or unreliable support systems need to be safe – these could be people staying away from families in PGs, hostels, and other places.”

eople who have a pre-existing mental health condition should take care that they are consuming their daily dose of medicines without fail. “Whether one is going to the office or not, one should follow a system at home and do things according to it; one should not be idle and lazy. Keep doing some or the other activity and exercise regularly. Eat good and freshly-prepared food and go out to get some sunlight on the terrace everyday. People will naturally be dealing with tensions about salaries depending on their work situation. In such times, it will help to divert the mind, stop any negative talk, spend time with the family, and support each other in whatever way possible. Keep in touch with people who are quarantined. And do not discriminate against people who have recovered from COVID-19.”

Missed the broadcast? Click and catch up!

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