Radio Active COVID-19 Special Series with Ashwini N V from Muktha Foundation: Child Abuse and the Lockdown

In this Radio Active COVID-19 Special Series episode, Ashwini N V from Muktha Foundation speaks with RJ Padma Priya about Child Abuse and the Lockdown.

Physical Abuse

People who are living with addictions or are experiencing intense stress because of income-related concerns could find their anger rising during this time. If their children are suffering beatings as a result of this, it will have lasting impact on them, because this constitutes abuse.

Sexual Abuse

During the lockdown, children do not have platforms where they can share about the abuse they are suffering. “Earlier, there would have been teachers, friends, and relatives, people aside from their own parents. But now, if sexual abuse is happening inside a home, the children won’t be able to share it with anyone other than the people with whom they are staying. So it’s very important to watch out for warning signs.”

Verbal Abuse

When children are locked up at home, they may experience many mood variations and when they keep approaching their parents, they may receive scoldings. This is effectively verbal abuse against the children and will lead to further problems for them.

Online Abuse

Abusers are increasingly using online sites to chat with children. They are using this down time to build relationships with them so that they can continue to interact later. “Which is why, children should be observed very keenly. With whom are they chatting? Which social media sites are they using?”

Listen in for more!

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