World Food Safety Day 2020 Special with Dr. Mamatha Mishra – As Restaurants Reopen, Focus is on Strict Safety Protocols

In this #WorldFoodSafetyDay2020 special, Dr. Mamatha Mishra, Food Expert and Founder of Health First, speaks with RJ Padma Priya.

Dr. Mamatha works closely with the Government of #Karnataka and in this interaction, talks about the official safety guidelines that have been issued as restaurants and eateries reopen in the state.

“Because of COVID19, everyone is concentrating on food safety now. The Food Safety and Standards Act was passed in 2006 and it was implemented in 2011. From then on, a lot of research has happened.” Dr. Mamatha also speaks about the connection between the food we consume and our growth.

“Every hotel should follow all food safety measures.” Trainings will be conducted for hotels and there will certification. Dr. Mamatha is also a trainer who has provided training for 200 persons for free on how to maintain food safety; she also uses posters to create awareness among citizens. “I request everyone to take care of themselves because this is a very critical time. Monsoon will be here soon, so it is best to practice eating hot food and drinking only boiled water. People should check for expiry dates, and SSI and ISSI marks when purchasing things.”

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