World Food Safety Day 2020 Special with Dr. Shivaraj – As Consumers, Our Food Quality Journey Starts at the Purchase Point

In this special episode dedicated to World Food Safety Day 2020, Dr. Shivaraj, a Paediatrician and Child Nutritionist, speaks about starting the food safety and quality journey right from the point of purchase.

The reality is that many businesses adulterate food or sell adulterated food to keep up their business or make the items look better. So, as consumers, we need to be watchful.

What details do we need to keep in mind?

  1. Concentrate on the source of food, whether it has been grown organically or by using pesticides and fertilisers
  2. Before consuming any natural produce, it is important to soak them in lemon water, or vinegar and water

3 Boiling and keeping that boiled food safely without mixing with unboiled food is important. It is important to eat boiled and hot food. Children are often given tiffin boxes which are packed in the morning and these are consumed only in the afternoon. Here, the chances of contamination are high

  1. Consuming clean water is very important; water from filters needn’t always be pure. It is best to boil drinking water, cool it, and only then consume
  2. Nowadays, chicken is injected with chemicals to make the meat look bigger and fetch more money. It is important to be cautious while buying non-vegetarian food items
  3. A four digit label on fruits indicates that it has been grown using fertilisers; a five digit number means that it has been organically grown. Remember to check for the number

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