Calling Citizen Contributors:What do we want from BMTC to get #BengaluruMoving ?

#BengaluruMoving : A campaign to grow public will and support for fast, accessible and efficient public transport.

Radio Active and Citizen Matters are inviting Citizen Journalists to contribute ideas to get #BengaluruMoving. What are your visions of public transport? What do we want from BMTC?

  • How can the BMTC solve the problem of traffic congestion, particularly now that people are worried about health and safety?
  • Will our public transport be able to maintain physicaldistance?
  • How will overcrowding be managed?
  • How often should buses and bus stops be sanitised?
  • Can technology help reduce human interactions? Can technology be inclusive?What will you becomfortable with?
  • How can the BMTC revamp existing bus services, and improve last mileconnectivity?
  • Will every citizen be able to travel by bus in a safe, quick, comfortable, reliable and affordable way?

We want to hear from you. Audio, Video, Photos or Article. Share your vision. Email:

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