DreamADream’s TweetChat on Reimagining Educational Ecosystems | 15th July 2020

DreamADream hosted a Twitter Chat on Reimaging Educational Ecosystems : Opportunities and Challenges on 15th July 2020.

The participants included:

  • Tulika Verma, City Director, Teach for India   @tulipinquest
  • Dakshinamoorthy visweswaran, City Director Teach for India @dakshina_dm
  • Romana Shaik, Chief Program Officer, Kizazi  @RomanaShaikh
  • Ross Hall, Co-Founder The Weaving Lab @Ross0hall
  • Madhukar Banuri, Founder & CEO, Leadership for Equity, @lfe_ed, @madhukarbanuri
  • Siddhesh Sarma, Co Founder & Chief Programs Officer, Leadership for Equity, @siddeshsarma
  • Louka Parry, CEO & Founder, The Learning Future  @loukaparry
  • Jordi Díaz Gibson, Researcher, Professor and Weaver of Learning Ecosystems for a better world @JordiDiazG
  • Renske van Grinsven, Co-Founder , The Weaving Lab,  @R3nske
  • Pinky Chandran, CO Founder, Radioactive @pinkychandran
  • Pavel Luksha, Director & Founder, Global Education Futures @luksha
  • Jigyasa Labroo, Cofounder & CEO, Slam Out Loud  @slamoutloud
  • Jessica Spencer-Keyse, Co Founder, The Weaving Lab, @jspencerkeyse

The questions were centered around the following themes: COVID impact on children and the larger education system, the systemic issues coming to light due to the pandemic, how are we responding to the crisis, could this be the moment to reimagine the education system and what can we collectively do to transform education for all?

DreamADream: How has covid impacted children?.

Pinky Chandran: COVID19 has impacted children in multiple ways: From missed opportunities for learning from an emotional, intellectual & social development perspective, to widening inequalities, digital divide and bringing to light issues of abuse, depression, child marriage and child labour the impact is manifold. This coupled with lack of access to midmeals, food insecurity, access to critical hygiene and sanitation services has compounded the problems.

Radio Active: In this RA-Post-Lockdown Series Mom Banerjee from Samridhdhi Trust speaks about the implications of COVID19 lockdown on children of migrant workers. She highlights the implications across age groups, and those who have stayed back, those who have migrated, those in quarantine camps, or en route home.

She also throws light from a digital education perspective on the situation- Access to technology, Data on how many people have access to smart phones / internet etc? And the current situation at government schools or bridge schools? And their coping mechanisms.

She also speaks about their health and overall well being impacts from the Sustainable Development Goals perspective? And lastly shares her views on the way forward for a more inclusive education? https://radio-active.in/2020/07/15/throwback-mom-banerjee-on-the-impact-of-covid19-on-migrant-children/

DreamADream: How has covid impacted larger education system?

Pinky Chandran: COVID19 has caiught many of them off guard and has prompted a rethink of conventional modes of teaching & learning. The pedagogy of teaching or even simulating a physical environment and teacher’s and schools adaptability has been a major challenge. It has also exposed digital divide that exist currently.

Radio Active: Here is an epiosde where the teachers speak about changing responsibilities with #onlineeducation

DreamADream: What are some of the systemic issues in education that are showing up due to the pandemic?

Pinky Chandran: When we speak of disaster management, we don’t address the need for an education emergency response. How does one plan to advance right to education in times of uncertainty or when times are unstable? When we speak from an SDG 4 perspective of Education for All, the education equity has been glaring -poor connectivity, lack of access to digital technology, training educators and caregivers, accessibility for children with special needs and disability, migrant children, pedagogy of teaching, learning and grading.

DreamADream: How are you responding to the current crisis to support education ecosystem?

Pinky Chandran: As a community radio station, our priority is to bring to light stories from the communities- innovation, counseling & mental health, stories of anxieties and hope, challenges including #digitaldivide, inequalities in access to technology, careerguidance, new possibilities.

We have also been curating special storytelling series with @prathambooks@PBStoryWeaver – Colourful Stories by Sangeeta Goel https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/sets/colorful-stories-by-sangeeta . Partnered with @KathaIndia for Katha Utsav by Sarah Berry https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/sets/katha-utsav-by-rj-sarah-berry & the Buguri Podcast with @Hasiru_Dala https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/sets/the-buguri-podcast and

@DreamADreamInd ‘s #WhatIf A reimagined World series by RJ @varshapillai on @RadioActive90_4 also brings possibilities, hope and and a chance to reimagine …

#WhatIf -Ep1A reimagined world, featuring Chinappa Das, Founder of Change the Narrative. As we make sense of the “new normal” post the COVID-19 world, we offer you an invitation to join a global movement in education. https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/whatif-a-reimagined-world-ep1-featuring-chinappa-das-founder-of-change-the-narrative-with-rj-varsha

#Whatif Ep2 @shaheenmistri@TeachForIndia asks us to reimagine the purpose of education. Samyukta questions possibilities of education designed & co-led by students, Rehan wants educationfor all & free Raghavendra wants all #whatifs into #whatis https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/2nd-episode-whatif-a-reimagined-world#t=0:00

#WhatIf Ep3 A reimagined world Ross Hall, cofounder of @TheWeavingLab Lab, wonders #WhatIf we could all thrive together. https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/whatif-a-reimagined-world-ep-3-with-ross-hall-rj-varsha-pillai

#WhatIf Ep4 -A reimagined world –@Arya Diwase Founder of Jazz Hands Foundation & @AIFoundation fellow shares what it means to be a young person during this pandemic & takes us through the 4 Rs that could help young people navigate these uncertain times. https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/episode-4-whatif-a-reimagined-world-with-arya-diwase-rj-varsha-pillai

DreamADream: Could this be a moment in history to slow-down / take a pause / be still and reimagine the future of education? #WhatIf #EducationReimagined

Pinky Chandran: Absolutely. We need to move away from individual to collective, from distinct disciplines of history, geography, biology etc to interconnected integrated domains, policy changes to foster universal accessibility, reform governance architecture within the departments #WhatIf

DreamADream: What can we collectively do to transform education for all children / young people in a post-COVID world? #WhatIf #EducationReimagined

Pinky Chandran: First, from a policy perspective expand definition of right to education to include access, connectivity, cost of #DigitalEducation &availability of free open source materials. Include safety nets based on different type of learners & learning styles & relevant laws for protection. Second, collaboration is the key,connections to the larger ecosystem, redefine the role of the educator, relook at the current pedagogy for lifelong learning, capacity building for all stakeholders, incteased investment in public education, redesign the physical architecture of schools.

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