#MissionCorona: Special Series in partnership with UNICEF and CRA

“Mission Corona” is a five-month long campaign,  by community radio stations across the country to raise awareness on #COVID19. ” COVID-19 Specific and sensitive Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) through Community Radio Stations (CRS) during COVID19 Outbreak, is supported by UNICEF with the Community Radio Association ( CRA) as the implementation partner.The project aims to build the capacity of the community and in facing the pandemic  in India through carefully crafted risk-informed communication using community radio as a medium.

The first orientation workshop was scheduled from 2nd June 2020. Details of the workshop can be accessed here: Final ENGLISH – PPT RCCE_UNICEF_CRA

As part of the project a total of ten epiosdes have to be produced.

MissionCorona: Episode1 

In this episode of #ActiveHealth, Dr. Nagarathna speaks with RJ Padma Priya about all the basics of this pandemic:

– The symptoms
– The precautions
– Cures and vaccines
– Isolating and protecting oneself without panicking

“Most people now are out for work and other activities. When in public, if a COVID-19 positive person happens to sneeze, the virus in the droplets can stay in the air for many minutes, exposing all other persons in the vicinity to infection. So, we all need to be extremely careful and follow all the precautionary measures. If suffering from a cold or cough, we need to see a doctor immediately. Wash your hands regularly, sanitise them, wear a mask, and maintain physical distance. Also, do not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose frequently. Many people are taking off their masks while talking, which is a big no no. They are just inviting the virus towards them through the other person’s saliva. Physical distancing inside offices and other workplaces is a must, as is the flow of fresh air in the rooms. Ample inflow of sunlight is also important in an office. It is advisable to not commute outside the office and home, unless its is urgent. Senior citizens and children should stay at home and avoid parks. In the offices, the washrooms should be very neat and should be cleaned regularly.”

MissionCorona: Episode 2  

In this episode of COVID19 special series Dr. Surekha speaks about triple layer mask. She says its important to use the mask as it avoid many other communicable disease to 72 to 80%. It avoids dust entering our respiratory system. In present scenario it helps to avoid the spread of virus when he sneezes. So if a normal person is wearing masks and a person who is COVID19 positive is not wearing mask then 72% to 80 % chance of getting COVID19 positive. If both are not wearing mask then 80% to 95% chance of getting COVID19 virus. If both are wearing mask then 1 % to 5 % chance of getting the virus. She has also mentioned about different type of masks and who should use which mask. Triple layer mask, N95 mask, Surgical mask, medical mask and other different type of cotton mask. Surgical mask can be used only for 6 hours. N 95 mask can be used for 6 to 8 hours. Any cotton mask should be used only after washing on daily basis after the use. Also while removing it should be removed very carefully and dispose it properly. Mask should be used properly if people keep touching or removing it then it will not make use. You can doctors wearing PP Kits and still cant avoid the virus then think how important it is to wear a mask how properly.

MissionCorona: Episode 3

In this episode of Radio Active COVID19 Special series Dr. Rajani Parthasarthy speaks about Home Quarantine during the pandemic situation. Quarantine is the term to used for people who are suspected with corona infection. Quarantine is done in three ways International Quarantine, Institutional Quarantine and State Level Quarantine. She has explained about how people coming for high risk counties are quarantined and tested and kept in quarantine. Pregnant Women, Children below 10 years and Senior citizens above 80 years are sent for home quarantine after collecting their swabs. Nowadays in fourteen days of quarantine many are not having any symptoms but when tested they are positive. So it is must to home quarantine after seeing the symptoms in 14 days, some cases 28 days quarantine is done. People should not wait for more symptoms to be seen, its better to get checked at the earliest. During quarantine its better not to stress oneself and do activities which will keep you stay positive. Better to plan the time during the quarantine. Many people are getting recovered at fast rate so no need to worry and people are responding to treatments given. So stay positive and stop stigma and discrimination.

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