#Whatif Series by Dream-A-Dream

#Whatif is an invitation to join to join a global movement in education, to make sense of the ‘new normal’ post the COVID-19 world by Dream-A-Dream. https://whatif-global.com/. As part of the campaign here are the links to the podcast What if – A reimagined World by RJ Varsha Pillai

#WhatIf -Ep1A reimagined world, featuring Chinappa Das, Founder of Change the Narrative. As we make sense of the “new normal” post the COVID-19 world, we offer you an invitation to join a global movement in education.

#Whatif Ep2 @shaheenmistri@TeachForIndia asks us to reimagine the purpose of education. Samyukta questions possibilities of education designed & co-led by students, Rehan wants education for all & free Raghavendra wants all #whatifs into #whatis

#WhatIf Ep3 A reimagined world Ross Hall, cofounder of @TheWeavingLab Lab, wonders #WhatIf we could all thrive together.

#WhatIf Ep4 -A reimagined world –@Arya Diwase Founder of Jazz Hands Foundation & @AIFoundation fellow shares what it means to be a young person during this pandemic & takes us through the 4 Rs that could help young people navigate these uncertain times.

#WhatIf Ep 5- A reimagined world features Shruthi Shetty speaking on the systemic inequities in education.

#WhatIf Ep 6: A Reimagined worl, listen in to the conversation between Geeta Goel, Country Director of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Suchetha Bhat, CEO of Dream a Dream as they discuss why the COVID-19 disruption makes the perfect case for the inclusion of social-emotional learning and life skills-oriented approaches in our educational ecosystem.

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