Call for Contributions: Thoughts for India on Science Technology and Innovation Policy 2020 #STIP2020

The Government of India, through the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India Office of PSA and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) has initiated the Science Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP 2020), to formulate a new presepective and strategy on how the nation addresses science, technology, and innovation.

The core vision of STIP 2020 is the decentralization of policy design by making it a bottom-up and inclusive process. It aims to realign priorities, sectoral focus and methods of research and technology development with the goals of larger socio-economic progress.

Situated within this context is a participative model with four interconnected tracks that has been envisioned to formulate the STIP 2020.

 Track I aims to create a repository of public voices that will act as a guiding force for the drafting process.

– Track II consultations comprises 21 expert-driven thematic collectives to feed evidence based recommendations into the policy drafting process.

– Track III brings together Ministries and States in extensive engagement through nominated nodal officers

– Track IV is the binding force that draws upon apex level multi-stakeholder engagement at the national and global levels. Inputs from these wide-ranging deliberations will finally lead to STIP 2020.

It is within Track I that the fundamental ethos of participatory democracy resides. Being led by the DST-Centre for Policy Research at Indian Institute of Science (DST-CPR- IISC) in Bangalore through its collaborative platform Science Policy Forum, this track has curated six unique national level initiatives that serve the dual purpose of outreach and data gathering. Through live virtual conversations with dynamic experts, thematic webinars, focused survey instruments, digital and print media campaigns and community radio broadcasters, Track 1 aims to generate a wide-ranging national engagement. The Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor (Office of PSA) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) jointly initiated the activity to ensure comprehensive representative of the nation’s plurality.

Through Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia, New Delhi, community radio stations will be enaged in the following activities: Survey of minimum 360 respondents, 180 focussed interviews and focus group discussions.

Do listen in to the promo message and answer the following questions: 1. What areas should the Science Technology Innovation Policy 2020, focus on; Example: Health, Education, Environment, Agriculture etc? 2. How do you think science affects your daily lives? 3. What would you want the government to do in the field of science and technology to improve your lives?

Send in your voice recordings to 8867254328, along with a brief introduction, a photograph of yourself.

Alternatively, you can also participate in the survey, by filling out this form: Radio Active STIP 2020

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