#Mission Corona: Special Series in partnership with UNICEF and CRA Part 2

“Mission Corona” is a five-month long campaign,  by community radio stations across the country to raise awareness on #COVID19. ” COVID-19 Specific and sensitive Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) through Community Radio Stations (CRS) during COVID19 Outbreak, is supported by UNICEF with the Community Radio Association ( CRA) as the implementation partner.The project aims to build the capacity of the community and in facing the pandemic  in India through carefully crafted risk-informed communication using community radio as a medium.

The first orientation workshop was scheduled from 2nd June 2020. Details of the workshop can be accessed here: Final ENGLISH – PPT RCCE_UNICEF_CRA. As part of the project a total of ten epiosdes have to be produced.

For the first part of the blog with five episodes, please check the following link: https://radio-active.in/2020/07/15/missioncorona-special-series-in-partnership-with-unicef-and-cra/

Episode 6: Staying at Home During the Pandemic with Dr. Nagarathna

In this episode Dr. Nagarathna speaks about the importance of staying at home during the pandemic, to avoid the risk of catching the virus or unintentionally passing on the virus.

While staying at home is a luxury for some, for people who cannot afford work from home, Dr. Nagarathna lists precautionary measures like physical distancing, use of masks and frequent hand wash. She also stresses the importance of avoiding large gatherings to stay safe.

Epiosde 7: Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar on Breastfeeding during the Pandemic

Can I breastfeed if I am diagonosed with COVID19? Can COVID19 be transmitted through breast milk? Should mothers be separated from infants if tested positive? What precautions should lactating mothers take?What hygiene practices should be followed, while feeding the baby? What are the practices while using a pump to feed the baby? Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar, takes the listeners through these common questions around breastfeeding and COVID19.

She insits that mothers, wear a mask while feeding the baby and practice hand hygiene before and after feeding the baby. She also recommends that mothers avoid visitors during the period. Listen in!

Episode 8: Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar on COVID19 & Care for Elderly People

Dr Rekha Rajendra Kumar speaks about the importance of mitigating risk of COVID19 in elderly, by limiting in person visits, wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance. She says physical distance doesn’t mean social isolation and states that mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing are equally important. Simple exercises at home and staying connected with family and friends through phone must be encouraged.

Listen in!

Epiosde 9: COVID19: Tips for Boosting Immunity with Usha Dharmanand

Usha Dharmanad, Nutrisionist offers a few tips on boosting immunity naturally. She says there is no need to panic on what to eat, but to strike a balance on what we consume daily, as the food we eat plays a key role in our overall health and immunity. A balanced diet, containing Vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium, proteins, and zinc is a important. She also recommends eating seasonal vegetables and fruits. Listen in for more details

Episode 10: Dr. Shivaraj on food safety during the pandemic.

In this epsiode of Mission Corona, Dr. Shivaraj speaks about food safety during the pandemic. He recommends the following: Food items from outside must be washed prior to consuming. Equally important it is to wash hands before handling them and after washing food products. He recommends eating cooked food over raw food and avoid food prepared outside. If you need to consume raw food, wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Wash hands after handling food packages before and after as well. Maintain separate cooking ware to vegetarian and nonvegertarian food. Raw animal products must be handled with care to avoid cross- contaimination with cooked food and it is important to properly cool meat, poultry and eggs. Listen in for more:

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