Active Event: International Youth Day : E-Conclave Preventable Adolescent Health Education by FOGSI

RJ Padmapriya attended the E-Conclave- Preventable Adolescent Health Education which was organised by the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) on 10th August 2020, to mark International Youth Day.

Here’s the audio recording of the sessions

Track 1: Obesity and emerging problems with Dr.Rajal Thaker

Track 2 : PCOS : Importance of prevention and early diagnosis with Dr.Duru Shah

Track 3 : Anemia : Prevalence and its prevention with Dr.Sampath Kumari

Track 4 : Vaccines: Saves the lives and its schedule with Dr.Girish Mane

Track 5 : Mental Health – Psychological disorders in adolescence with Dr.Ragini Singh

 Track 6 : Personal Hygiene(Including Menstrual Hygiene) with Dr.Ashwini Bhalerao

 Track 7 : Say no to smoking drugs, Abuse, Social media abuse, marriages< 18 years with Dr.Laxmi Shrikhande

Track 8 : Life Style Management -Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga with Dr.Ragini Agrawal

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