Active Health : Importance of Nutritional Food with Nutrition Expert Usha Dharmanand

In this episode of Active Health, Nutrition Expert Usha Dharmanand in conversation with RJ Padmapriya talks about nutrition food.    

During 0-6 months, breast milk is the best nutritional start as its tailor-made to the needs of the baby. So mothers should keep a note of what they consume and fill their plate with vegetables, egg, greens, milk and lots of water. Breast milk contains all the essential nutrients in proper proportions for the growth of the baby. It has FOS gut bacteria, DHA and EPI, Omega 3, vitamins, minerals, proteins, antibodies and many more valuable essentials for the growth of the baby.

After 2 years, for motor skill development nutrition food is very crucial. Children should be kept active in one or the other activities. This will make them hungry which will help them to consume more nutritional food. As per the research between 0 to 5 years, 95% brain gets developed, so parents should involve their children in all possible activities and keep them busy. For this age group of children, on daily basis, 1300 calories of nutrition are required. So we need to concentrate on how are giving these 1300 calories to them. Usually in the name of snacks what we give is not nutritious food. We need to rethink and replace these snacks list with a boiled egg, vegetables or fruits. So it’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure they get the food that contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins. So counting it from a glass of milk what they start in the morning till night they sleep, have a count on how much calories they receive with what they eat and add to it to make it to the mark. 

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