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Radio Active believes in the power of partnerships and, networks with Government departments, NGOs and institutions, social workers and students to be a part of change collectively.


Waste Management

In 2009, Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz embarked on a five-year project titled Integrated and Participatory Urban Waste Management Initiatives to sensitize and develop a holistic community approach to waste management. The project seeks to promote ownership of the process of waste management and inclusion of informal waste workers into the solid waste management system.

The project stemmed out of cleanup drives conducted at Frazer Town & JC Road, Bangalore, in 2009. From then on the project has evolved to include Capacity Building Workshops on Waste Management to stakeholders—RWAs, gated communities, educational institutions, business, government, other institutions etc, in addition to engagement with the government and other agencies through policy advocacy.


For details of the initiative and other programmes under waste management, email us at


DSC_0024Street Animal Welfare & Management – Stray Pals

Stray Pals sensitizes communities on community adoption of street dogs to foster an empathetic behaviour towards them, in addition to their rescue, foster care, vaccination and ABC programmes with BBMP. Stray Pals regularly conducts street puppy adoption camps to encourage residents to adopt Indian dogs and pet therapy for senior citizens.

 Building Capacities

Radio Production

Radio Active is committed to enhancing the capacities of local institutions and communities in the use of community radio.  Radio Active conducts regular training and interactive workshops with NGOs, children and students of various colleges to encourage the use and to understand the powerful medium of community radio.

The program can be tailor made depending on the needs of the community, institution, community radio station, school or college.

For more information, please write to us at

Scrap Dealer Certification Program

A Scrap Dealer Certification Program is provided by Radio Active in collaboration with Hasirudala is conducted for Scrap Dealers in and around Bangalore. The curriculum covers legal and financial aspects of running a scrap business, basic maintenance of accounts, HR and customer service, soft skills and behavioural training, standardization of existing scrap business, standards to be followed, occupational hazards and safety, communication and role as future service provider/ micro-entrepreneur.

The core team that developed the manual includes Mr. Anslem Rosario ( from Waste Wise Trust), Ms. Nalini Shekar ( from Hasiru Dala) and Ms. Pinky Chandran ( from Radio Active). The team received assistance from Ms. Bharati Chaturvedi (from Chintan) , Marwan Abubaker ( from SWMRT, Radio Active) and Lakshmi (from SWACH, Pune)

Over 100 scrap dealers and waste-pickers have been trained in about five batches, spread over a 5 week course


Life Skills Program

Radio Active’s Life Skills Training Program is an interactive program supporting adolescents (6-18 years) to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence. The program, divided into four levels – elementary, secondary, high school and pre-university students – shall focus on social skills like communication, anger management, body language, conflict resolution; etiquette and mannerisms (including table manners); workshops on personal hygiene, leadership, goal setting and decision making skills. The training program will be customized according to the grade of the students and the duration of the training program will be flexible.

Street Dog Welfare Training Module for Schools and Colleges

Radio Active developed a workshop module on the lines of  Compassionate Kids, titled “Street Dog Welfare Training Module” (with inputs from Ms. Nevina Kamath,Ms. Shyamalatha Rao, Ms. Poornima Harish and Dr. Piran, former Joint Director, BBMP – Animal Husbandary ) on animal senstization for BBMP to create more awareness among children towards street animal welfare.

The workshops can be tailor made, should schools and colleges be interested in the same.

For more information please contact

Story Telling Workshop

Each one of us is a collector of stories. Stories are an integral part of our lives; we live in stories and we understand each other through stories. Hence being able to tell stories effectively, make meaning out of it and use it to influence others, we believe, is an essential human pursuit.

Radio Active 90.4 FM, along with its partners, has been running its yearly storytelling competition, where children from different schools  and communities participate and share stories. Before the story telling competition, workshops are conducted for children as well as facilitators on effective storytelling.

Waste Management Awareness Workshop and Waste Audit


Other Module based training include Gender and Sexuality Sensitization, HIV Awareness Workshop, RTE Awareness



Breaking the Silence and Shame Free:  Campaign on Menstruation

On the eve of International Menstrual Hygiene Day, May 28th 2016, Radio Active partnered with noted  Menstrual Hygiene Activist, Founder of ‘Breaking the Silence’ , UNFPA National Laadli Awardee,Public Health Professional & Journalist the Guardian Urmila Chanam, to jointly run the campaign on Menstruation.

Radio Active’s earlier campaign Shame Free, will now merge with Breaking the Silence  and run a series of programs, outreach, discussions. In addition to documenting culture, traditions and songs

Right to Education

Ensuring the Right to Education through radio and much more…

The Right to Education Act, 2009 was finally implemented in Karnataka in April, 2010. However, even after the implementation of the act and the guidelines given to different schools in and around the state, the act did not translate into action which ensured that children in the age group of 6-14 years received free and compulsory education in private and government schools, where 25% of seats were reserved for children belonging to the lower income groups.

Due this gap, the program committee and listeners of Radio Active felt the need to start a radio campaign on awareness regarding the RTE act. The series on RTE awareness kick started in July 2012 with focus on School Development Management Committee (SDMC).

In July 2012, following the proposal of the Program Committee and listeners and community feedback, the station launched a daily show, Shiskshanna Idu Nanna Hakku focusing on the RTE Act. The show aims at creating more awareness about RTE amongst listeners through interviews, opinions, ground realities, etc. On 18 August 2012, observing the lapse in the implementation of RTE across Karnataka, various NGOs and Radio Active came together to form Right to Education Task Force. RTE Task Force also includes parents, teachers, retired government officials and children with an aim to create more awareness and intervention.

Shiskshanna Idu Nanna Hakku has been a widely accepted program and listeners have responded and given their feedback.  The series ran for one year.

Objectives of the Project:

  • To create awareness and enhance accuracy and clarity about The RTE Act, 2009, through radio programs and outreach activities.
  • To develop a model in understanding and implementing The RTE Act.
  • To ensure admissions under The RTE Act, and to make sure the child gets quality education.
  • Voicing ideas concerning RTE.
  • Addressing RTE issues to the departments concerned like Karnataka Child Rights Observatory.


Number of Radio Programmes (till March, 2013) 59
RTE Awareness Workshops 19
Total Number of participants at workshops 224

Other activities:

  • Release of Parent Diary (a handbook to be filled by the parent on observing their child’s development).
  • Release of RTE information booklet.


Pension Parishad

 Towards Universalisation of Pension

Several organizations came together to collectively campaign on the need for the Universalisation of Pension. The struggle which was initiated in Pune and in New Delhi, saw the formation of a Karnataka Chapter. A Pension Parshad was  held from  May 7-11, 2012 that highlighted the present situation and need for the universalisation of pension. Such universalisation would ensure support to elderly population of over eight million, who are left out of the present pension scheme/s. It also focused on creating easy access to pension for the same. As a part of the campaign, through a daily radio program, Radio Active collected life stories of individuals receiving no pension to create a repository to present the case to the government.

On August 9, 2012, over 4,000 people, including elderly citizens from all over Karnataka, gathered for a People Campaign organized by Karnataka State Pension Parishad at Freedom Park in Bangalore. The participants included men and women from the marginalized communities that included construction workers, persons with disability, dalits, domestic workers, farmers, garment workers, homeless individuals, People with HIV, senior citizens, sex workers, sexual minorities, survivors of violence, tribals, waste itinerant buyers, waste sorters, wastepickers, widows and others who are eligible for universal pension. This campaign also saw Radio Active moving towards programming and outreach, focussed on rights & entitlements.


Number of radio programs 51
Number of life stories collected 100+
Outreach/Meetings 10

Objectives of the Campaign:

  • A Universal and Non Contributory Old Age Pension System to be established immediately by the government with a minimum amount of monthly pension not less than 50% of minimum wage or Rs 2000/- per month, whichever is higher.
  • The pension to be an individual entitlement for all eligible citizens of India.
  • The monthly pension amount to be indexed to inflation bi-annually and revised every two to three years in the same manner as is done for salaries/pensions of government servants.
  • Any individual 55 years or older to be eligible for the old age pension.
  • For women, eligibility age for pensions to be 50 years.
  • For highly vulnerable groups (such as the Primitive Tribal Groups, Transgender, Sex Workers, PWDs), the eligibility age to be 45 years or fixed according to their particular circumstances.
  • No one to be forced to compulsorily retire from work on attaining the age of eligibility for universal old age pension.
  • A single window system for Old Age Pensions.
  • APL / BPL criteria should not be used for exclusion.
  • The payment of pension not to be used to deny any other social security / welfare benefit such as benefit under the Public Distribution System.

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