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Instagram: @radio_active_90.4mhz

Linkedin:  http://radio-active-90-4-mhz

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Radio App: Go to Google Play Store and Download Radio Active 90.4

Hosting a Show

If you want to host your own show, please fill the attached form program-proposal-application-form   email us at 


For internship opportunities, write to us at


Visit us

Drop in Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, # 1/1- 1, Atria Towers, Palace Road, Bangalore – 560001

(Landmarks: Opposity Maharani College, Next to Atria Hotel, Behind Vidhan Soudha)

One thought on “Reach Us

  1. dear Sir,
    can you please let us know whom do we for the issues around lakes.
    we are in the process of having a plantation drive at singapura lake. we need your support to create miyawaki forest in this area.
    kind regards

    Rashmi shetty


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