Civic & Governance Issues
Radio Active is a platform for individuals, organizations and communities to discuss issues of relevance and collectively engage in finding a solution.
Radio programmes like Mahiti Kirana has become a platform to discuss and create awareness on governance issues, health, education, water, food security, environment etc;  Water & Sanitation programme focuses on water conservation and preservation, good hygiene and sanitation issues.
Community Based
Catering to heterogeneous communities, many diverse groups like the sexual minorities- LGBT & Sex Workers, Waste-pickers & Scrap Dealers, Animal Activists, Environmentalists, Domestic workers, Auto drivers, People with disabilities and People living with HIV, engage with Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz.
Shows like Yaari Varu raise issues of rights of and injustice towards sexual minorities; Chigurida Baduka   is a platform to share life stories, experiences, and create awareness about HIV/AIDS; Ashitaru focusses on people with disability while Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka is about issues of identity and labour rights of waste-pickers.
Geographical Area 
Based on our coverage area, many geographically defined communities are a vibrant part of Radio Active producing radio shows about their area.
Active Srirampura and Active Dasarahalli are shows produced by RJs from the very same area. The show is an amalgamation of stories, discussions, interviews, dramas and celebrations from and about Srirampura and Dasarahalli, respectively.
Other Programmes
Other programmes include physical and mental health , women based issues, education, environment conservation and preservation, animal rights and welfare, child rights, art and culture and cooking also air regularly on Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz


Daily hours of Broadcast  23 hours: Monday to Friday24 hours: Saturday and Sunday
Number of Broadcast days in a week


(including holidays & Sundays)

365 days




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